Texas Governor’s Approval Rating Hits All-Time Low in Light of Abortion, Election Laws and COVID

In the wake of the passing of the controversial Abortion law in Texas that has provoked heated discussions and criticism, the poll from The Texas Policy Project at the University of Austin showed Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott’s approval rating has fallen to an all-time low, with only 41% of respondents saying they either “strongly” or “somewhat” approve his work.

The approval of his work is lower than it June’s 44% approval and has dropped among all partisan groups, but most significantly among independents, 30 % of which approved in August poll of the job Abbott is doing, down from 41% in June.

Abbot also lost 4 percent of the support among Republicans where he now stands with 73 percent, while the support among Democrats has dropped from eight percent to six percent.

The most alarming info for the experts is the fact that only 35% of the voters think the state is headed in the right direction compared to 52% who believe Texas is on the wrong track, which, according to Texas Politics Project’s executive director Jim Henson, is a real eye-opener since it’s the highest negative reading ever for the poll that has been tracking this question since 2009.

Henson underlined that a large factor behind the dissatisfaction shown in the poll is the resurgence of the pandemic as well as the failures of the government and other institutions and the the partisan politics that has put the Lone Star state in the national spotlight for a variety of issues.

One of the most polarizing issues highlighted by the latest poll is the divide over mask mandates amid the surge in coronavirus infections with 41% of Texans supporting Abbott’s ban on mask requirements, while 45% oppose his ban.

Abbott’s drop in approval rating comes in light of his signing the controversial abortion law and the Texas Legislature approval of the elections overhaul bill, with local governments launching variety of legal challenges.

Reacting to the poll results that were published as the Texas Legislature wrapped up its second special session Abbott scheduled, sending several bills to Abbott’s desk for signing, Texas Democratic Party’s chair Gilberto Hinojosa used the situation to reiterate that, as the poll results proved, “Abbott is not good for Texas”.

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