Former Trump’s Advisors Claim He’ll ‘Definitely’ Run for President in 2024

In light of Biden administration’s fiasco in Afghanistan and the numerous calls for his impeachment, it seems that added additional push to the idea of former President Donald Trump gunning for the White House once again in 2024 with two of his former advisors, Jason Miller and Jim Jordan revealing the run is happening.

Despite the fact that Trump himself has given no indication whatsoever that he intends to run again, people from the GOP arena close to him flashed the news about Trump’s political future after the alleged recent conversations with him, though Jordan later disputing his own claim.

Trump refrained from giving a specific answer on his political future in a Vanity Fair report on the potential 2024 field of Republican presidential contenders, saying only that the MAGA movement is stronger than ever and  that people will be very happy with his decision on 2024.

During an event in Iowa, Jordan has allegedly even told Under Current reporter Lauren Windsor about Trump’s alleged plans to take advantage of Biden’s controversial handling of the Afghanistan withdrawal to announce he’ll run in 2024

He later denied ever saying any such thing and even his spokesperson call this comment from Jordan “not true,” but Windsor proved her allegations releasing a video with Jordan saying essentially the same thing on camera at the event. He can be seen in the video telling people he “knows” Trump will be running in 2024.

Trump’s former advisor Jason Miller also added fuel to the rumors of Trump gearing up for another run, saying during the ‘None of the Above’ show this week he is almost 100% sure his former boss will seek to become president again, quoting a personal conversation with him.

Although speculation, the idea of Trump in the White House once again has already provoked some outrage on social media with users predicting Republican Party’s bleak future should it rely on Trump for its presidential hopes.

Democrat Rep. Eric Swalwell went so far to even join in on the hypothetical future fight against Trump, stressing he’ll do everything to stop him and save democracy.

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