At Least Two Afghans Sent to Kosovo as US Struggles to Identify Evacuees from Kabul

Due to security concerns raised by something in their profile after they arrived in the United States, at least two Afghan evacuees from Kabul will be sent back put of the country to Kosovo for further evaluation, NBC News reports quoting sources familiar with the US evacuation.

According to a senior federal law enforcement, the two evacuees will be sent to Kosovo since something in their profiles raised enough concern to warrant further review, but pointed it does not mean the they gave raised fear of terror threats

The official underlined that it has been difficult for the intelligence community to evaluate if any of the numerous people that were moved from Afghanistan very quickly them pose an immediate threat considering some of the vetting occurs while they are overseas and some of the screening occurs once evacuees arrive in the US, mainly to Dulles International Airport near Washington, D.C.

According to the sources, 10,000 of the 30,000 evacuated Afghans that are now in the US are undergoing additional screening, with 100 being put under review for possible extremism and connections to the Taliban or for criminal offenses for which they were previously deported.

State Department spokesperson pointed that Afghans unable to immediately enter the US are moved to third countries for further processing like the two that were sent to Kosovo for additional evaluations, without giving further details.

He expressed the US’s gratitude toward the countries that have provided critical assistance for the American evacuation efforts and informed that most at-risk Afghans will remain in transit hubs for up to 10-14 days while arrangements are made to relocate them to the US.

Sources said the US authorities will not allow people to be released into the community intentionally if they have unresolved derogatory information, but the Department of Homeland Security has not yet decided what to do with those individuals though sources noted that any other evacuees who trigger similar concerns will also be sent to Kosovo.

Meanwhile, leaked internal State Department documents reveal US officials’ concern with regard to apparent sex trafficking reports of underage Afghan girls listed as “wives” of much older men with diplomats in Doha in the UAE referring  to numerous incidents of such nature.

Citing internal documents in their possession, officials at Fort McCoy in Wisconsin where the evacuees were brought after being vetted in Doha, asked for urgent guidance in the matter of these child brides, also warning of a report from Abu Dhabi that documented claims of some of the girls being raped.

GOP Senator Ted Cruz, whose attention was attracted by the reports, accused Biden administration for literally conducting child trafficking and importing a human rights catastrophe into the US.

Cruz has also accused the White House of threatening the Americans’ security and health by not screening evacuees for Covid-19 or potential terrorist ties while rushing to bring them into the US and even blamed them for incentivizing abuse, demanding eEvery Biden-Harris official linked to this disgrace to be held accountable.

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