Ukraine’s Zelensky Hails Defense Agreement with US as New Stage in Cooperation

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky who’s currently on a working visit to the United States hailed on Twitter on Tuesday the defense agreement that his country signed with the US, pointing they mark a new stage in defense cooperation between the two countries.

He underlined the importance of the American support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity and potential NATO membership for Kyiv, adding that they have actually confirmed the strategic foundations of the defense partnership with the US by signing these agreements.

During the earlier meeting with Zelensky, US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin also noted that US-Ukraine strategic defense framework helps in enhancing the bilateral security cooperation between the two countries that helps Ukraine counter Russian aggression while implementing reforms in defense and defense industry help Ukraine’s NATO membership aspirations.

The three defense partnership agreements were previously announced on August 27 by Ukraine’s Deputy Chief of Staff Roman Mashovets and US Army and Defense Attaché Brittany after their meeting during which Mashovets noted the readiness to develop defense partnership as well as to enhance the research, development, testing and evaluation and the cooperation in space projects.

In the spirit of their long term defence cooperation, US President Joe Biden pledged on Tuesday $60 million in military aid for Ukraine aimed to help the country defend itself from increasing Russian aggression by increasing critical border security and self-defense needs.

The US military assistance to Ukraine that the White House issued a memo for  is considered a vital aspect of its efforts to counter Russian aggression with emphasis on the Russian-backed separatists in the east of the country.

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