State Department Rejects Claims that they Fully Trust Taliban for Safe Passage of Evacuees

Ned Price, the spokesman of the US State Department rejected the claims that the Biden administration was set to rely on the vow of the Taliban forces that they will allow a safe passage for all the allies of the US in Afghanistan who are trying to flee the country, Fox News informed.

Price also asserted that US officials have numerous leverage sources if the Taliban reverse their policy.

The scope of trust the Biden administration has in the Taliban’s vow was contested in the regular press briefing at the State Department.

On the question about the US efforts for reassuring struck Afghans fearing retaliation from the Taliban, Price stated that the group agreed on a safe passage for US citizens and their Afghan allies.

Although he said that the Biden administration is more focused on deeds rather than words and pledges, his answer incited a question about how can US officials take the word of the Taliban that they will not retaliate against all those Afghans who were committed to aiding the US troops in the last two decades.

Price answered that they do not blindly trust the Taliban and that this is about US interests and the interests of Afghan people.

He continued that they are not asking for any kind of permission or are trying to establish some kind of relations, but that the operation is aimed to ensure a safe passage for the people stranded there, and every effort of impedance by the Taliban will be met with a quick and harsh response.

After the Taliban forces took over Afghanistan, the Biden administration has increased its efforts to help thousands to flee the country. There are thousands of people who are requesting Special Immigrant Visas in order to flee Afghanistan due to concerns that after the US full withdrawal violence will start.

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