Adam Schiff Warns of Terrorist Attacks by ISIS-K and Al Qaeda on Kabul Airport

Representative Adam Schiff claimed that the airport in Kabul might be a target of ISIS-K and Al Qaeda to perform a terrorist attack, while the US troops and allies are stationed there trying to complete the evacuation process, Fox News informed.

After he attended a classified briefing on Afghanistan on Monday, Schiff argued that the threat is substantial and real.

Schiff’s comments arrive amid a turbulent period at the airport in Kabul where thousands of people are attempting to flee Afghanistan. The unrest led to gunfire, which caused the US troops to respond.

The representative also said that he was worried about how the threats by the terrorist organizations might affect the US and their Afghan allies who are stationed there.

Schiff was also concerned that the organizations outside of there might cause a chaotic scenario that might extend the stay of the US forces, which might suit the interest of ISIS-K.

He warned that whenever there is a gathering and large groups of people, these terrorist organizations see a chance for use of improvised and other explosives.

The United States has so far got more than 48,000 people out of Afghanistan, and 3,300 of them are citizens of the US.

However, there are thousands more who are waiting for their evacuation, which might take longer than the estimated deadline of August 31.

The extension of the stay by the US will, for sure, not be welcomed by the Taliban forces, who on several occasions threatened the US forces that if they stay longer than the initially given period they will face consequences.

Suhail Shaheen stated that if the UK or the US want to seek additional time for evacuating the people stranded at the Kabul airport, the simple answer is no, and that action will surely not be received well and the foreign forces will face consequences.

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