Putin Rebukes US on Its Afghan Gamble, Says Imposing Alien Standards of Political Life Unacceptable

In the wake of US troops’ withdrawal from Afghanistan and the chaos that has gripped the country afterwards, Russian President Vladimir Putin pointed on Friday that US has failed in its 20-years efforts to impose western democracy on wrong address, The Washington Post reports.

In his first public comments on Afghanistan since the Taliban imposed control of Kabul on Sunday, the Russian president called on countries to consolidate efforts to support the Afghans and normalize the situation in Afghanistan.

He reminded US and the Western countries on his constant warnings to stop the irresponsible experiments of trying to impose Western democracy, saying it’s unacceptable to impose alien standards of political life and conduct on nations, ignoring their ethnic and religious specifics, and their historical traditions.

Putin emphasized the need of respecting each other’s interests on the international arena and grant people their right to choose their own destiny regardless of how long is the time they need to democratize their countries.

He also underlined the potential risk of terrorists from Afghanistan infiltrating neighboring countries, including passing themselves off as refugees.

Putin mentioned previously unreported exchange with President Biden during their June 16 summit meeting, saying he objected to any role for US forces in Central Asian countries hence undermining US military’s efforts to act against new terrorist dangers after its withdrawal by limiting its options for basing drones and other counterterrorism forces in countries bordering Afghanistan.

US army has always seen Central Asia as a potential hub for conducting drone reconnaissance or strikes against terrorists due to its proximity to Afghanistan, and without access to these nations, the US has to rely on bases in Arab Gulf states and US Navy carriers in the Indian Ocean to fly aircraft to Afghanistan.

It also adds to the humanitarian and diplomatic challenges for Washington after the Taliban offensive has led Afghan refugees to seek refuge in these states.

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