China Calls Washington Irresponsible for Hurried Pullout that Created More Problems in Afghanistan

The hastened US troops withdrawal only exacerbated the already unstable situation in Afghanistan and should serve as a lesson how badly can attempts to impose “foreign models” on other countries end, Chinese FM Wang Yi has said, blaming Washington for irresponsibility, Reuters reports.

Wang pointed that the attempts to solve problems created during ‘foreign models’ implementation in countries with completely different history, culture, and national traditions will just increase them.

He pointed some of these issues in the phone conversation he had on Monday with his US counterpart, State Secretary Antony Blinken one day after Taliban’s takeover of Kabul that prompter the US to hastily evacuate its diplomatic personnel.

The Chinese diplomat noted the negative effect that the hurried withdrawal of US troops has had a on the situation in Afghanistan, but underlined at the same time Beijing’s readiness to work with the US toward stability in Afghanistan providing certain shift in the US’s behavior.

Speaking in the same context, Wang underscored that the US cannot hope for China’s cooperation while actively trying at the same time to harm its legitimate rights and interests and to contain and suppress China.

Meanwhile, China showed its willingness to develop friendly ties with the Taliban regime in Afghanistan, underscoring that it respects the right of the Afghan people to independently determine their own destiny.

Wang has hinted earlier in July that China would accept the Taliban regime in Afghanistan during his formal meeting in Tianjin with a nine-member Taliban delegation, recognizing the movement as a crucial military and political force that’s expected to play important role in the peace, reconciliation and reconstruction process in Afghanistan.

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