Taliban Show World Power Centers Moving East, Former DoD Aide Says

The surprisingly short period of time Taliban needed to take over the power and the territory of Afghanistan after the US troops withdrawal is a very strong sign that the centers of world power are moving eastwards across Asia, not westward and Eurocentric, ex-Pentagon aide Karen Kwiatkowski said in an interview for Sputnik.

Kwiatkowski, a retired US Air Force lieutenant colonel, sees the rapid takeover that caught Washington by surprise and the fact that the new Afghan public spokesmen hasn’t even addressed the US and English speaking world as indicative of that shift.

The former Department of Defence veteran analyst also strongly believes that Afghans will adapt to the change much faster than expected and will see it as better compared to the two decades long US occupation and destruction of Afghans and its territory, industry and environment.

She also envisage Afghans having different perspectives since the younger generations had grown up in the city protected by US money and soldiers while older people had suffered the poverty of war in the provinces.

Kwiatkowski explained that Taliban today are more able to govern the entire country due to the experience drawn from more than 50 years of war and secular and puppet governments installed first by Russia and then by the US and that had d been looting its western sponsors as well as the Afghan people and territory.

She expressed some concerns with regard to the retaliatory bomb and missile strikes at the demand of US administration that seems increasingly hysterical and disconnected from reality compared to Russia and China, who had long prepared for the Taliban takeover and are ready to seek constructive relations with the new regime in Kabul.

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