Snowden Blames the US for Era-Defining Catastrophe in Afghanistan

Noting that the US decision to withdraw the troops from Afghanistan was right, but very late, the whistleblower Edward Snowden commented on the situation in Afghanistan on Twitter on Sunday.

Former NSA employee accused by the United States of espionage, said in his tweet that declaring a fruitless war instead of an international police action will be remembered as an era-defining catastrophe since the criminals are the terrorists, not the states.

Snowden mocked the US rhetoric overusing the word ‘insurrection’ at a time when Afghanistan fell in like 10 days with the Taliban militants taking over territories shortly after the withdrawal of US troops in the country began and reclaiming Kabul on Sunday.

He also raised eyebrows after the reports that US embassy staff members had been successfully evacuated, blasting the DOD for crowing about flying out just 500 people when there have been thousands of Afghan civilians trapped and panicking on the civilian side of the airport with the commercial jets unable to fly.

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova joined Showden in the criticism soon after, pointing the lack of reaction from Washington to human rights violations in Kabul and blasting the US for turning the deaf ear to the appeals of Afghan citizens for evacuation help at Kabul airport.

Writing on her Telegram channel on Monday, as quoted by TASS, Zakharova underlined the absence of round the clock printed statements on countries by the US, that usually call for the suffering to end, threaten sanctions and take urgent measures against those they deem responsible for lawlessness.

She also pointed to the diplomatic silence that fell after the plea to Washington broadcasted live from Afghans storming the planes to not help but save them while they were storming through fences and trying to climb boarding ramps to fly out of the country with automatic weapon shots heard in the background.

Back at home, GOP House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy called for investigations into President Biden’s handling of the crisis in Afghanistan, calling the hastened pullout of US troops from the war-torn nation a mistake that will haunt them for decades.

He was one of only two Republicans who spoke out during Sunday’s briefing with Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin, State Secretary Antony Blinken and Joint Chiefs Chairman Mark Milley, after which te White House shifted blame for the Afghan government’s collapse to former President Trump, arguing he left the Taliban in the strongest position militarily since 2001.

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