Biden Blames Others for Afghanistan Debacle in Address to Nation

Joe Biden

During his presidential campaign, US President Joe Biden vowed to take responsibility as a leader of the US and not to point fingers and accuse others of some failures, but did just the opposite in a speech regarding the utterly failed Afghanistan withdrawal, Fox News informed.

Biden gave a speech before the nation on the ongoing situation in the South Asian country where the Taliban forces slowly took over the whole country, an outcome Biden has claimed was very unlikely.

Biden in his speech claimed that the debacle that occurred in Afghanistan is a result of the politics of previous President Donald Trump, who reached a peace deal with the Taliban.

Biden also said that there were only two options for the situation: either to escalate the conflict more or to send thousands of US troops back into the South Asian country.

The president also stated that he stands behind his decision and argued that after a 20-year-long presence he learned that there will never be a good time to withdraw the troops from there.

Biden also accused the Afghan army of not being willing to fight for the future of their country, adding that the slow pace of evacuation of the US’s Afghan allies was because some of them wanted to stay more in hopes that the country will resist.

The remarks in his speech oppose what Biden has promised while campaigning in 2020, and that is doing his job and taking responsibility for the actions.

In June 2020, Biden wrote that he will not blame others, do his job, and take responsibility arguing that the post is not about him but about the people of the US.

Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary took to Twitter to defend Biden’s comments, saying that the President vowed that he will not ask American soldiers to fight a war that the military of Afghanistan is not willing to fight.

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