ICE Will Not Deport Illegal Migrants who are Crime Victims

US ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) revealed that they will not deport illegal migrants who are victims of a crime anymore, Fox News informed.

According to Tae Johnson, who serves as Acting Director of ICE, the new policy is aimed at better cooperation between the victims and law enforcement, advanced criminal investigative efforts of the agency, and promotion of trust in the agents and officers from ICE who are enforcing laws.

Johnson added that it is the agency’s commitment to help crime victims without taking into account their immigration status.

The Acting Director continued that he believes that this new policy will decrease the fear of repercussions that decisions might have on migrant victims of crime and their ability and will to contact law enforcement officials, be part of investigations, seek justice and benefits.

The ICE said that instead, they will try to support the migrants, by offering them access to some benefits.

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