Texas Democrats Who Fled State to Block Consideration of Election Bill, Start their Return

Democratic lawmakers from Texas who have fled their state in order to block the GOP-backed elections legislation started coming back home after a district judge imposed a temporary restraining order aimed at prohibiting Governor Greg Abbott to issue an order to arrest them, Fox News informed.

Democratic Representative James Talarico first revealed his return to the state of Texas after Brad Urrutia, a judge in the State District Court signed the restraining order.

The lawmakers are quarreling for weeks now with the Governor, after they went to Washington DC, in order to break the quorum needed for considering the election legislation, in a session called by Greg Abbott.

Talarico said that their fleeing to Washington DC has shined a light on the Texas voter suppression legislation and forced Congress to approve a federal voting rights bill to override it, adding that he hopes this will be done.

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