Milan’s Postal Service Found Envelope with Three Bullets Addressed to Pope Francis

Italian police have started an investigation after the post office workers at the Peschiera Borromeo Sorting Center in the area of Milan have found an envelope containing three 9-calibre Flobert-type bullets addressed to Pope Francis, Il Messaggero has reported.

According to the newspaper, the envelope was addressed with barely legible writing in pen saying “the Pope – Vatican City, Piazza S. Pietro in Rome” and allegedly was sent from France. The investigations are carried out by the Carabinieri’s investigative unit of their provincial command of Milan.

Claiming the Catholic Church should be more open to members of LGBTQ community and signaling that he is somewhat in favour of recognising same-sex civil unions, the pontiff has provoked harsh criticism from theological conservatives.

In June, Pope Francis has sent an encouraging letter to Rev. James Martin, US priest known for affirming LGBTQ Catholics, and compared his work to that of Jesus and God, thanking him at the same time for a 1,000 attendees -strong conference that Martin oversaw about ministry to LGBTQ Catholics.

He has also been criticised for his promotion of ecumenism, calling for cooperation and unity among Christian denominations after releasing in 2016 a controversial exhortation that has changed Catholic doctrine allowing civilly divorced and remarried Catholics to take communion.

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