More than 800 Immigrant Children Caught at Southern Border in One Day

Around 800 unaccompanied immigrant children were detained in one day, as the number of immigrants arriving at the southern border proceeds to increase without any signs of slowing down due to summer heat, Fox News informed.

According to the Health and Human Services, 834 unaccompanied migrant children, as well as teenagers, were caught on Thursday. This number is pretty much higher than the average number for a 30 day period, which amounted to 512.

This means that there are 2,784 migrant children under the CBP (Customs and Border Protection) custody, and a total of 14,523 in the HHS custody.

The Biden administration imposed a policy aimed at transferring the immigrant children from CBP to the HHS and then to their parents if they are in the US or sponsors.

A total of 612 immigrant children were discharged on Thursday, from the custody of HHS to their parents or guardians.

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