FBI Agent Placed Female Staffers in Danger Luring Sex Predators with Their Photos

An internal Justice Department review has revealed that FBI agent used provocative photographs of young female coworkers without formal authorization to bait child sex predators in his sex trafficking investigations, CNN reports.

In a memo issued on Monday, Inspector General Michael Horowitz says that the unidentified FBI agent posted the photographs of staffers, who were not certified for undercover work, on social media putting them in danger of becoming victims.

The agent also neglected to document which sites he used, how long the photographs appeared on the websites or if they are still there and he’s not aware if they were downloaded, copied or further disseminated.

Horowitz, who also discovered that this type of conduct was not an isolated incident, also deplored the fact the FBI has no policy against unauthorized use of photographs of undercover staff though the agency vowed to draft a new policy in the near future.

FBI executive assistant director Brian Turner reacted to the damning report, informing that FBI’s Office of Professional Responsibility is conducting review on the agent as well as evaluation of the existing policies.

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