Karzai Claims the US Lost Afghanistan Due to Its Ruthless ‘War on Terror’

Afghanistan’s ex-president Hamid Karzai believes that the United States lost Afghanistan not due to Taliban’s regaining power after their troops’ withdrawal but decades ago when they were destroying people’s homes in the name of fight against terror.

Karzai said in an interview for RT significant part of the Afghan population that wanted to get rid of the Taliban’s extremism and violence welcomed US invasion in the country back in 2001, in the wake of 9/11 tragedy, and it was their support that mainly led to the US’s immediate success in its war against Taliban.

But Afghans’ hope waned when the US-led coalition troops began to bomb Afghan villages, hurting and killing people and destroying homes in the name of ‘war on terror,’ Karzai believes,  shattering all hope for political reconciliation while his government was in power.

After the US troops suddenly began to attack the homes and attack villages of the Taliban they’ve previously pardoned and convinced to start peaceful life, forcing many former Taliban fighters to flee the country, they began to re-emerge and attracted part of the population’s support.

Karzai, who no bases hopes for Afghanistan’s future on some superpowers like the US, believes that the only way forward now, in the wake of the US full withdraw from Afghanistan, is to return to talks with the Taliban.

He also notes that Afghanistan urgently needs new government with authority over the whole country and allies for stability, like Russia, India or China, while understanding and using its geostrategic location to promote trust between major powers in the region.

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