Dating App for the Unvaccinated Unjected Removed from Apple Store

Unjected, the new social media dating app promoted as a matchmaker for those opposed to getting vaccinated against Covid-19, has been removed from Apple Store with the company claiming that it was referring inappropriately to the Covid-19 pandemic, HT Tech reports.

The app was described as safe space for unvaccinated, like-minded Americans that support medical autonomy looking to date without the pressure of Covid-19 jab talk and was initially cleared by Apple, but critics saw it as a platform for anti-vaxxers and a hotspot of Covid misinformation after Unjected added a social feature that allowed more general postings.

After the app, that also included lists of businesses that disagree with vaccine mandates, was removed from Apple on Saturday, the app’s developers accused that amounts to censorship, pointing on Instagram that them sharing their medical autonomy and freedom of choice was apparently too much for some people.

The atmosphere was additionally heated after other dating apps like Tinder and Bumble have introduced features to encourage vaccinations, making Unjected stand out even more.

Apple underlined that it initially denied Unjected approval due to issues that were not in compliance with the company’s strict policy on Covid-19 misinformation and pointed that after changes were made and the application was approved, some updates to the app and statements of its thousands of users, have brought it back out of compliance.

It argued that Unjected users tried to cheat Apple’s system, replacing their flagged words and phrases with different placeholder words promoting the same conspiracy theories on Covid-19 vaccines, and that the removal of the application from the store is mere consequence of such behavior.

Although Unjected is still featured in the Google Play store, Google also flagged it after Unjected’s moderators were accused of not doing enough to police misinformation on Covid-19 vaccines, so the company informed that a website may be its best option moving forward.

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