US State Department Calls For Serious Negotiation with the Taliban

After the Taliban’s pushing for an agreement on a new government in Afghanistan as a condition for them to agree on ceasefire and peace, the US State Department has called them to engage in serious negotiations.

US State Department’s deputy spokesperson Jalina Porter called the Taliban to engage in serious negotiations to determine a political roadmap for Afghanistan’s future as the only way to end 40 years of war and bring Afghans to peace.

She added that any future Afghan government will only get legitimacy and assistance if it has respect for basic human rights and if it’s not imposed by force.

The US State Department’s statement follows Taliban spokesman Suhail Shaheen’s interview in which he said the Taliban will only lay down their weapons when Ghani’s government is gone pointing that they do not want a monopoly of power but a government that will be acceptable to all.

Taliban were also called by Porter to end the violence against the Afghans who helped US troops in the Afghanistan war following the reports that they beheaded an Afghan interpreter for US Army in May.

Porter underlined that recent reports of violence and atrocities on the ground indicate that Taliban forces have little regard for human life and human rights and called their leadership to condemn these violations of basic rights.

She pointed that Taliban must go beyond issuing statements and proactively prevent their forces from carrying out these atrocities against the people of Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, Biden’s administration plans to allocate $100 million in emergency cash to help resettle thousands of Afghan translators in the United States, with additional $200 million of inventory for US agencies required to meet those same needs, Reuters reported.

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