Caracas Deems Illegal USAF Plane’s Flight over Venezuela, Accuses US of Flagrant Provocation

A US Air Force C-17 Globemaster III transport aircraft crossed the Venezuelan-Colombian border on Thursday evening and flew over the western Venezuelan state of Zulia for three minutes, covering about 14 miles of territory, the Venezuelan Defense Ministry claimed on Friday, condemning the move as violation of the country’s sovereignty.

The aircraft, according to the Ministry, was engaged in a larger set of drills that involved American F-16 and RC-135 signals intelligence aircraft, which flew several laps over Colombia’s northeastern La Guajira, Cesar, and Magdalena states.

Venezuelan Defense Minister Gen. Vladimir Padrino called the presence of North American bases in Colombia a permanent threat and interference mechanism that significantly affects the stability of the Latin American region.

The Ministry called this incident a serious violation of international aeronautical standards, noting that it’s 21st time this year that US aircraft have violated the airspace governed by Venezuelan air traffic controllers- Maiquetía Flight Information Region.

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