Iran Begins Exporting Oil through New Pipeline Bypassing Hormuz Strait

Iran on Thursday officially began exporting oil through a new pipeline bypassing the Strait of Hormuz. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said in an online ceremony that this is a response to the United States’ sanctions on Iranian oil exports.

According to IRNA, the 1,000-kilometer pipeline runs from Bushehr province to the port of Jask on the shores of the Gulf of Oman. At the first stage, it will allow pumping 300 thousand barrels of oil per day. In the future, this figure may reach 1 million barrels, Iranian media reported.

At the ceremony, Rouhani accused the US of waging an “economic war” to hinder the export of Iranian oil and the development of Iran’s oil industry.

Iran and other Gulf countries such as Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Qatar, and the UAE export crude oil through the Strait of Hormuz. Tehran has previously threatened to block the Strait of Hormuz if Washington blocks the export of Iranian oil with its sanctions.

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