Iran Must Respect Protesters’ Rights, Rouhani Says

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani stressed the need to respect the right of people to protest against the harsh living conditions caused by “droughts and intense heat”, Iranian media reported.

Rouhani ordered the Governor-General of Khuzestan Province, Kassem Suleimani Dashtaki, to use everything in his power to raise funds and quickly resolve the problems faced by people living in the southwestern province.

Rouhani said that he was briefed about the situation in the province and that authorities have taken measures to solve recent problems.

The Iranian leader remarked that it is very difficult for people to endure the lack of water at such a high temperature as 50 degrees and that people have the right to protest against the situation.

Rouhani assured the “kind, patient, and cheerful people of the province” that his government listens their voices and protests, doing everything possible to solve the problem of water shortages as soon as possible.

He also noted that the current problems are related to the unprecedented drought in the country and the accumulation of the remaining problems of the past few years.

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