President Biden Still Stands behind his Pick for BLM Stone-Manning, despite Controversial New Reports

Jen Psaki, the White House Press Secretary said that US President Joe Biden is still adamant in his decision to pick Tracy Stone-Manning to head the BLM (Bureau of Land Management), regardless of her involvement in a tree-spiking plot in 1989, Fox News informed.

Calls for the President to withdraw his pick escalated after the special agent who probed the tree-spiking incident, penned a letter to Congress saying that Stone-Manning assisted in planning the plot and withheld important information until she has received immunity.

John Blount, one of the two men who were convicted due to ties to the same plot, claimed for the news outlet E&E that Stone-Manning was aware of the plan from a prior time.

GOP lawmakers claim that these new reports discredit her claims in the congressional testimony that she was not part of the plot’s plans and that she was not the target of a criminal probe.

At the press briefing, Psaki received a question whether the recent revelations had changed Biden’s position on Stone-Manning’s nomination.

Psaki said that Biden still stands behind his pick and awaits her confirmation.

The Senate is set to vote on her nomination on Thursday.

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