House Democrats Voice Concern and Disappointment of Bipartisan Infrastructure Talks

During a private call on Monday, some House Democrats voiced their concerns and disappointment about the Senate bipartisan infrastructure talks, Fox News informed.

The move underscores the division inside party lines even more now, just several days prior to the procedural vote.

According to Politico, which cited three sources on this call, the conversation was a fiery one.

Democratic Representative Peter DeFazio from Oregon, who participated in the phone call, seemed he was okay with the fact that the talks were limping along.

He stated that the best thing would be if the whole process fell apart.

Democratic Representative Salud Carbajal from California said for Politico that he was part of the call and that the whole process seemed like nonsense.

Chuck Schumer, the Senate Majority Leader is pressing the lawmakers to reach a deal on the massive domestic spending packages, signaling that Democrats want to push Biden’s multitrillion-dollar agenda forward.

Press Secretary of the White House, Jen Psaki, voiced her gratitude for Senate Majority Leader’s effort on a tweet, giving him credit for taking a stance and pushing for the progress in the Senate on the bipartisan plan set to rebuild the country’s infrastructure.

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