Jim Jordan to Be Part of Pelosi’s Select Committee for January 6 Capitol Surge


Republican Representative Jim Jordan from Ohio, a big supporter, and ally of former President Donald Trump, is set to be appointed to the select committee of Nancy Pelosi established to probe the surge of the Capitol on January 6, Fox News informed.

Despite Jordan, Kevin McCarthy, the House Minority Leader picked Representatives Jim Banks from Indiana, Rodney Davis from Illinois, Kelly Armstrong from North Dakota, and Troy Nehls from Texas to be part of the committee.

Jim Banks is set to be a ranking member.

Jordan, Nehls, and Banks were among the GOP representatives who contested the election results on January 6, the day when a crowd of Trump supporters forcefully entered the Capitol building while the lawmakers were trying to certify the victory of Joe Biden.

In a statement, Banks said that Pelosi established this committee just to besmirch conservatives and to legitimize the authoritarian agenda of the Left.

Banks also said that he will do everything in his power to provide the facts to American citizens about the reasons that led to January 6, the rioting, and the responses from the Biden administration and Capitol leadership.

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