DeSantis Claims Immigrants from Texas Southern Border Are Headed to Florida

Ron DeSantis, the Governor of Florida harshly criticized President Joe Biden’s immigration policies once again on Monday, Fox News informed.

DeSantis issued a warning that many of these immigrants were headed to Florida, a piece of information he obtained from law enforcement officials.

DeSantis claimed that he discussed the ongoing crisis with the state officers sent to the southern border and that he was surprised by what he found out.

He said that the officers made about 2,000 apprehensions, but also more the 100 felony arrests, adding that 70% of those who were apprehended state that their destination was Florida.

Speaking at a press conference he also stated that everyone who believes that the wide-open border around 1,000 miles away, will not affect other states is very wrong.

However, the statistics he cited could not be verified. The state of Florida moved to send law enforcement officials to the southern border after Texas Governor Greg Abbot and Arizona Governor Doug Ducey requested and assistance in June.

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