List of 150 Companies Urge Congress to Broaden Voting Rights Act

Amazon, Apple, Google, Pepsi, and Starbucks are five of the 150 companies that signed a letter that was released on Wednesday, which calls for Congress to approve the bill that is set to broaden the protections for minority voters set in the Voting Rights Act, CNBC informed.

The companies argued in the letter that despite the decades of progress, there are still obstructions in the voting rights in many states, especially for people of color, adding that they need to safeguard this fundamental right with tougher federal protections.

The letter urges Congress to approve the legislation that is set to update the Voting Rights Act from 1965 in order to address the 2013 ruling of the Supreme Court that annulled one of the most effective provisions.

The provision asked for certain jurisdictions that conducted racial discrimination in the past to get federal approval for new voting measures.

In the case Shelby County v. Holder, the highest court ruled that a Congress-used formula for determining which localities are in need to receive preclearance is unlawful and outdated.

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