Biden Approval Ratings Still High, Except in Russia, China Issues

US President Joe Biden’s approval ratings are still lying on healthy ground even 5 months after he assumed the presidential position, Fox News informed.

However, according to a Fox News poll, for some topics such as immigration and the relations with Russia and China, the support marks a slight decrease across the country.

President’s approval rating stands at 53%, and his disapproval rating at 43% in the latest surveys conducted by RealClearPolitics. According to the Fox News Poll, the president stands at 56%-42%.

The highest score is on the topic of how he has been handling the Covid-19 pandemic with numbers 64%-34% approval/disapproval. On the economic issues, he is at 51%-47%.

However, when it comes to the issue of immigration his ratings are 41%-54%. Another negative issues are with the relations with Russia, 42%-52% and China 39%-54%.


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