Pro-Republican Group Targets Vulnerable Democratic District with Ad for Biden’s Infrastructure Plan

A group that supports GOP causes is eyeing a district that Republicans consider to be most vulnerable among Democrats for reelection next year, with an ad that addresses President Joe Biden’s massive infrastructure strategy, Fox News informed.

The ad sponsored by the AAN (American Action Network), published first on Fox News on Monday, is targeted at Maine’s second Congressional District, where Democratic Representative Jared Golden, who serves his second term will likely face a very challenging reelection in 2022.

The ad is mainly focused on George B. a restaurant owner from Maine, who emphasizes that owning the same restaurant his grandfather opened, is everything for him.

He then goes on and accuses House Speaker Pelosi and other Washington Democrats for wasting their time in pursuing socialist politics by introducing fake infrastructure strategies that going to hurt many hard working US citizens.

Jared Golden’s district is consisted of numerous small cities, but it is mostly rural. According to election result statistics, Former President Donald Trump won this district in 2016, and once again in 2020, although he faced defeat.

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