Georgia to Remove 100,000 Obsolete Voter Files from Rolls

Brad Raffensperger, the Georgia Secretary of State is set to remove 101,789 voter files from the voter registration rolls, because of the fact they are obsolete and outdated, Fox News informed.

Raffensperger said that in order to ensure election integrity it is crucial for the voter rolls to be updated. He continued to point out that this is the reason why he won the court case against Stacey Abrams in 2019 on removing around 300,000 voter files that were obsolete before the November election, adding that there is not one legitimate reason for those ineligible voters to stay on these voter rolls.

According to reports, in those 100,000 voter files, 67,286 are related to National Change of Address form that is sent to US Postal Service, 34,227 files which the elections mail returned to the sender, and around 300 who did not make contacts with election officials for two election processes.

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