Senators Behind Infrastructure Plan Might Face Blockades in Congress

The bipartisan draft infrastructure resolution that amounts to $1 trillion might face some early roadblocks in the US Congress, CNBC informed.

The plan was assembled by 10 senators from Democratic and Republican parties covers issues such as transportations, broadband and water, and would not increase the taxes in order to offset the costs. However, the first bump on the road are Democrats who are searching for a much wider legislation that would also include the issue of climate change as well as some other social programmes, that would be paid for by raising the taxes for the wealthy people and corporations.

Senators have to walk a fine line as concessions to win over one party jeopardizes support from the other. Despite growing opposition from liberals, one Republican who worked on the plan hopes the group can gain support from enough GOP senators to overcome a loss of Democratic votes.

The senators behind the draft legislation are faced with a very tough situation, where they try to make concessions that will win over some support from both sides of the aisle.

Rob Portman, Republican from Ohio who worked on the legislation, said that despite the increasing opposition from Democrats, he hopes that they will get enough support from the GOP party in order to cover the lack of votes from the Democrats.

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