House Oversight Committee Reveals New Emails the Claim Trump Attempted to Corrupt DOJ to Nullify Election Results

According to the House Oversight Committee, former President Donald Trump in his final days in the White House put pressure on Justice Department officials to challenge the election results, CNBC informed.

The Committee said that newly released e-mails from the Department of Justice and White House officials brings some new facts on how then-president Trump attempted to undermine the 2020 election results and go further with the claims for voter fraud, in order to retain his position.

The 200-page-worth-of emails reveal that Donald Trump pressured the Department of Justice to file a lawsuit to the Supreme Court of US with the apparent goal to revoke the election results, the committee claimed.

The newly revealed emails arrived several hours before the Oversight panel was scheduled to hold a second hearing on the storming of the Capitol that occurred on January 6.

The oversight panel chairwoman Carolyn Maloney issued a press release saying that former President Donald Trump attempted to corrupt the law enforcement agency in order to nullify the lost elections.

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