China Opposes Joint Statement by G-7 Leaders

The embassy of China in London issued a response to the joint statement by G-7 leaders at the summit in Cornwall, saying that all the countries should put their emphasis on cooperation and not on harming its interest, Fox News informed.

The statement, according to Reuters, said that China calls on the US and the other G-7 members to respect all the facts, get a hold of the current situation and stop the slander against China. It also read that G-7 countries should stop meddling in the internal affairs of the Asian country and harm its interest.

US President Joe Biden made an attempt to persuade leaders present at the G-7 summit to unite in a joint front against China’s human right abuses and non-market policies. According to Wall Street Journal, China was put in the center of the talks during the Saturday session that lasted about 90 minutes. The paper also informed that the hosts of the event made sure to fully prevent spying during the session, which led to some of the participants to lose access to their phones.

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