Biden Praised Newly Appointed Israeli Prime Minister Bennett

US President Joe Biden praised the incoming Prime Minister of Israel Naftali Bennett after country’s parliament approved the new government, which put an end to the twelve years service in office, Fox News informed.

In a statement to Bennett and the other members of his cabinet, Biden said that the US is fully committed to the security of Israel and stands in support of it. He also added that his administration will closely work with the newly appointed government in order to boost stability, security and peace for Israelis but also Palestinians and other people in the broader region.

In a tweet Bennett thanked the President Biden saying that he looks forward to their cooperation and strengthening the ties between the two countries.

Another almost similar statement was given by Anthony J. Blinken, the Secretary of State, who also said that US will continue its commitment to the security of Israel.

Both statements arrived right after Bennett, who is a former ally of Netanyahu, assumed the prime minister position in a very narrow vote (60-59) in Israel’s parliament.

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