EPA and US Army to Expand Number of Waterways Protected under Clean Water Act

EPA, the Environmental Protection Agency revealed on Wednesday that it will work alongside the US Army in order to increase the number of waterways that are currently under the protection of the Clean Water Act, CNBC informed.

The action would revoke a rule adopted by Donald Trump and his administration last year, that put a cap on the bodies of water that might get protected. Biden administration wants to increase these protections and include the smaller waterways such as wetlands, ditches and streams.

Michael Regan, an EPA Administrator stated that the policy adopted by the Trump administration had led to a significant degradation of the environment.

The US Army and EPA both said they have found that under Trump’s rule significantly reduced the protections on clean water which became a major issue as the West is faced with severe drought and water shortages.

In Arizona and New Mexico, agencies discovered that almost all of the 1,500 streams are non-jurisdictional and therefore cannot be protected by the federal government.

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