Ilhan Omar Blasted by Fellow Democrat for Comparing US, Israel to Hamas and the Taliban

Democratic Representative Brad Sherman from California, blasted Ilhan Omar on Wednesday for her outrageous statements in which she compared the United States and Israel to Hamas and the Taliban who are terrorist organizations, Fox News informed.

Sherman slammed his fellow colleague for recent claims she made on Twitter, where the congresswoman said that the US and Israel have also committed unimaginable atrocities like those conducted by Hamas and the Taliban.

Sherman blasted Omar in a press release claiming that in the tweet Omar admitted that Hamas indeed is guilty for the atrocities, and that is what is “newsworthy.”

He also said that it is high time for all the detractors of Israel to condemn Hamas and also deny all moral comparisons between US and Israel on one side and the Taliban and Hamas on the other.

The office of Ilhan Omar has not responded to these comments.

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