Biden Says that US Greatest Threat to Security is Climate Change

US President Joe Biden issued a warning to the service members of the military on Wednesday that the highest figures in Pentagon believe climate change is the “greatest threat” to US national security, Fox News informed.

Biden said that as soon he assumed his position as President, he first went to the Pentagon to talk about the biggest physical threats facing America, and the Joint Chiefs told him that the answer to that question was global warming.

He also said that the movements in populations, battles over land, people leaving because of sinking land in Indonesia are quite significant.

Biden warned the service members of the Air Force located in the UK. The US President is set to be part of meetings with NATO and G-7 leaders this month in his first trip overseas after assuming office.

He declared this due to the pressure he gets from Republican lawmakers over his policies toward Russia amid the ransomware attacks on US infrastructure. This includes Biden’s decision to cut the sanctions on Nord Stream 2 pipeline that is backed by Russia.

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