Attorney General Promises to Investigate Billionaires Tax Leak

Merrick Garland, an Attorney General said to the lawmakers on Wednesday, the opening a probe aimed at finding the source of the massive tax leak behind ProPublica’s investigative article concerning billionaires taxpayers information will be the highest priority on his list, CNBC informed.

Garland assured Senator Susan Collins during the budget hearing at the Senate Appropriations Committee that he will put this issue in his top priorities.

Garland also mentioned that right now he did not know anything more than what has been presented in the controversial article. The article unveiled that certain billionaires such as Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, and the businessmen Carl Icahn, George Soros and Michael Bloomberg did not pay federal income taxes.

Garland says that he takes this matter very seriously and that people are entitled to a great privacy which includes their tax returns.

The article published by ProPublica, set to be the first out of a series of articles, did not say how the investigative reporters got the tax records and the news outlet also did not made any comments on this matter.

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