Manchin Under Pressure from Koch Network to Oppose Biden Policies

Democratic Senator Joe Manchin has recently been under pressure from the billionaire Charles Koch’s advocacy group to stand in opposition of several reforms that are part of the new Biden policies like the voting rights legislation and filibuster reform, CNBC informed.

Manchin wrote a recent op-ed in which he stated that he is not in favor of removing the filibuster, and that he would not cast his vote for the ‘For the People Act’, an act aimed at reducing the influence of big donors in the US elections.

According to President Biden, several of the voting restriction that were proposed by Republicans were almost un-American. Biden also stated that the filibuster must change and praised the efforts towards the “For the People Act”.

The filibuster in Senate can be broken with 60 votes, which will allow the draft legislation to get the final vote. There are 50 Democratic senators, who control the chamber very narrowly due to the tie-breaking vote of the VP Kamala Harris.

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