Rep. Katie Porter Suspects Korean American Coworker Insincere Motives on Opposing AAPI Hate

Representative Katie Porter, a Democrat form California, said that she was appalled by the insincere motives of Republican Rep. Michelle Steel also from California, while both worked on a joint resolution to condemn hate crimes against Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, Fox News informed.

Porter gave a podcast interview for the Los Angeles Times, and stated that she got discouraged while she worked with Korean American Steel.

Steel issued an apology this year aimed at the her conservative supporters who criticized her collaboration with Porter, but came under fire from other groups for issuing that apology.

Porter said that she felt disheartened that for Steel, their cooperation on such important matters is as some kind of a political joke. She also said that AAPI hate is a very substantive issue and she hopes she will find Republican partners that will be good enough for the job.

Steel revealed the draft bill she was working on with Porter and issued the apology in her speech for the Costa Mesa Republican Assembly.

Steel said that she understands the sentiments from her supporters and claimed that she as well did not want to work with the Progressive, but she needed this legislation passed.

Her office described her comment as a joke at the time.

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