Governor Kemp Bans Georgia Government from Asking COVID Vaccine Passports

An executive order was signed Tuesday by Georgia Governor Brian Kemp that bans the state government from requiring proof of inoculation against the coronavirus, joining other Republican-led states in restricting the use of so called COVID passports, Fox News reports.

Kemp told Fox News in an interview that although he continues to urge all Georgians to get vaccinated in order to put the Covid-19 pandemic in the rearview, vaccination is a personal decision between each citizen and a medical
professional, not the state government.

Kemp’s order applies to state agencies, state service providers and state properties and stops them from requiring COVID passports and prohibits using Georgia Registry of Immunization Transactions and Services’ data for a COVID passport program.

Addressing the expressed concern that people are going to be forced to do something with their own medical decisions, Kemp said he’s not supporting forcing people into vaccination, noting that it’s not going to work.

He is also considering a ban on requiring masks in schools.

“We have had the availability for teachers to get vaccinated for a very long time now. I for one think it’s time for the mask mandate to come off for the kids in our schools,” he said.

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