Antony Blinken to Go to the Middle East after Israeli-Palestinian Fighting

Antony Blinken, the US Secretary of State is set to visit Middle East this week, following closely after the weeks of battles between the Palestinians and Israelis, White House said in a statement on Monday, CNBC informed.

The Statement from the President Joe Biden reads that he has asked Blinken to travel to the Middle East to follow up on the quite, yet intensive diplomacy to ensure for the successful execution of the cease-fire agreed between Hamas and Israel. The President added that Blinken will also meet with Israeli leaders to talk about the US commitment for the Jewish state’s security.

The Secretary of State is also set to focus on the US-Palestinian relations, in order to restructure the ties and show support to Palestinian leaders and the people.

The security cabinet of Israel voted on Thursday to accept the ceasefire deal after eleven days of battles in Israel and the Gaza Strip. The negotiations that led to the ceasefire were managed by Egypt, a country that have ties to both the Hamas and Israel.

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