Israel, Hamas Agree Cease-fire in Gaza

The security cabinet of Israel approved on Thursday a ceasefire agreement, after 11 fierce days of battles in the Gaza region, in attempt to end the worst violence in recent years, CNBC informed.

Hamas official for the Al-Mayadeen said that they have received guarantees from the mediators that the airstrikes in Gaza would be stopped, and a cease-fire would start at 2 AM Friday local time.

President Joe Biden stated that Benjamin Netanyahu, Prime Minister of Israel informed him about the decision of Israel to agree to an unconditional and two-sided cease-fire which will start in less than two hours.

According to the information Biden got from Egypt, Hamas also supported this cease-fire and agreed to stop the fighting. Biden praised the help of President of Egypt Abdel Fattah al-Sisi who played a crucial part in the negotiations for peace.

In his address from the White House, Biden stated that he truly believes that both sides, the Israelis and the Palestinians deserve to have a secure and safe environment to live in and to have all the attributes modern nations incorporate in their systems such as democracy, prosperity and freedom.

The President also added that now the US administration will proceed with the low-key diplomacy and that he believes they have a chance of making a progress on this matter.

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