Biden to Speak with Netanyahu as Pressure for Cease-fire in Gaza Mounts

US President Joe Biden confirmed that he will hold talks with Prime Minister of Israel Benjamin Netanyahu as the battles in the Gaza strop between Hamas and Israelis continues to escalate, CNBC informed.

The President stated that more news on this topic will surely be revealed after his planned conversation with Netanyahu.

On Sunday, 28 Senators from the Democratic Party asked for an immediate halt in the current battles in the Gaza strip.

The senators argued that an immediate ceasefire is now more than needed in order to prevent further losses and casualties, and further escalation of the fighting between Israelis and Palestinians.

Antonio Guterres, the UN Secretary-General on Sunday, used the term “utterly appalling” to describe the violent fighting between Israel and Palestine and called for an immediate ceasefire.

During a Security Council meeting, Guterres said that the latest violence can only bring more destruction, despair and deaths, and pushes farther from the hopes of region’s peace, adding that the battles of “rockets and mortars” from one side and “aerial and artillery bombardments” on other side must stop right now.

The battles escalated even more over the weekend. Israel performed and aerial attack on Sunday that demolished several house in the Gaza Strip and killed at least 42 people. On the other side, Hamas launched more than 3,000 targeted at Israeli cities.

Israeli Prime Minister stood in defense of the airstrike that toppled a 12-story building where international media outlets resided, saying that according to intelligence Hamas was infiltrated and using part of the building to scheme new terror plans.

He added that all the occupants in the building, such as the broadcaster Al-Jazeera, the Associated Press as well as other media outlets, were warned hours in advance so they can fled before the strike occurred.

Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary did not say whether Biden administration were in line with these intelligence assessments, but once again called for the deescalation of the conflict.

Psaki also added that they are trying to halt the violence by using a more quiet approach and intensive diplomacy.

President Joe Biden talked to Prime Minister Netanyahu as well as the Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas over the weekend.

The president disclosed his concerns about the ongoing conflict and how it affects the safety of journalists and civilians. Biden pointed out that he is still committed to a negotiated two-state solution, as he claims it is the most viable path for reaching a lasting resolution of the conflict, a readout states.

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