Sanders: US Should Rethink Aid to Israel

Senator Bernie Sanders said that US should thoroughly revisit the military aid it provides to Israel every year, which amounts to billions of dollars, according to Fox News.

The statement comes after the battle between the Hamas militants and Israel in the Gaza strip escalated and it now enters in day 7.

Sanders tweeted that Gaza’s devastation needs an immediate ceasefire and that the killings of both Israelis and Palestinians needs to stop right now.

The military aid Israel gets from the US also contains a budget dedicated for the Israeli defense system called Iron Dome, that is in charge of intercepting rockets of short-range and artillery shells.

The two-times Democratic presidential candidate, has been a vocal critic of Israel for a very long time. In his 2020 campaign, Sanders stated that the military aid in Israel needs a leverage in order for the US to push for policy change in the Gaza strip.

The Senator’s solution is to give the country $3.8 billion but oblige it to essentially change the relations with Gaza residents, and part of the aid should be directly given as humanitarian.

The violence started last month in east Jerusalem, when Palestinians started clashing with the police due to Israels actions of evicting several Palestinian families during Ramadan. The main focus of this unrest was the Al-Aqsa Mosque which is a frequent point of these clashes.

After the clashes, Hamas started firing short-range rockets towards the city of Jerusalem, which resulted in counterattack from the Israeli state.

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