Pelosi Endorses Gavin Newsom in Upcoming Recall Election


Nancy Pelosi, the House Speaker on Thursday said that she has begun her political campaign to support Governor of California Gavin Newson, to remain in office and voiced her confidence that the recall election will not succeed, Fox News informed.

Pelosi stated that she is working towards turning out the voting in California ahead of the upcoming recall election.

The House Speaker said on Thursday that she respects the recall effort against Gavin Newsom but that she does not like it and that Democrats will win.

Residents of California will be faced with 2 questions: Should current governor Gavin Newsom be recalled, and who is the person that will replace him if he is voted out?

There are 46 possible successors of Newsom and the governor called on his supporters to leave blank the second question and focus on the “no” vote.

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