White House: First Virtual Visitor Logs Released

The White House has issued its first batch of visitor logs on Friday, in an attempt to reinstate transparency, integrity and the trust in the government, Fox News informed.

The logs contain a 400 person list who were part of White House campus visits, tours, various business meetings and appointments.

The White House said that it hopes on an increase in visitors as the pandemic is slowly waning down the country.

The White house also stated that its new administration will be the first one that will release visitor logs from the first year in office, adding that this trend is going to proceed every month.

For comparison, Trump’s administration used privacy concerns and national security as excuses not to reveal any visitor log records.

Biden-Harris White House will continue the transparency policy of the Obama era, and will not release only records that implicate national security, privacy or other concerns.

The Biden-Harris administration came under some scrutiny earlier this year for the slow issuance of the visitor logs.

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