White House: Biden Wears Mask Outdoors as Additional Precaution

President Joe Biden is still wearing a mask outside because he is taking additional precautions, White House aide stated on Sunday, although the Center for Disease Control and Prevention advised that vaccinated people might not wear masks outside and around small groups of other vaccinated people, Fox News informed.

Anita Dunn, a senior advisor in the Biden administration to the question why Biden is not following these new measures said that they take some additional precautions due to the fact that he is the US President.

She even insisted that the President takes advice from the health officials very seriously.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention issued new guidelines saying that vaccinated Americans can now go outside without masks except when they are at large gatherings like concerts.

However, Biden continued to do so saying it is a “small precaution” and “patriotic responsibility.”

Dunn stated that other people that have taken the two doses of the vaccine are free to follow the new guidelines.

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