Caution Helped to Decrease COVID-19 Cases in Saudi Arabia, Officials Claim

Source: Al-Arabiya

The decrease in the number of recorded COVID-19 cases and the increase in recoveries despite the lifting of lockdown is the result of Saudi Arabia’s cautious return to normality, according to a Ministry of Health spokesman, Arab News reported.

“This decline is due to people’s adherence to precautionary measures,” said Mohammed Al-Abd Al-Aly.

He encouraged people to get the necessary healthcare if needed, especially for children and people with terminal illnesses, by consulting a doctor about the urgency of their case.

“Saudi Arabia is following up with treatment protocols for COVID-19 patients closely and they have been updated 10 times or more in a short period of time due to the efforts of our health specialists,” said the spokesman.

There were 2,476 new cases reported in Saudi Arabia, bringing the total number to 255,825. There are 46,009 active cases, 2,184 of them are in critical condition.

The Kingdom recorded 34 new COVID-19-related deaths on Tuesday, raising the death toll to 2,557.

COVID-19’s second health cluster in Riyadh has put to use its 800 virtual clinics to help 26,000 patients from home. The intention is to limit the patient’s need to be in a hospital in order to combat the virus and contain its spread.

The Riyadh Cluster enables patients to communicate with a medical team and check their symptoms, treatment plans and medication with a doctor. Patients can also get medical consultations for any cases, medicine prescriptions and arrange medicine delivery to their doorstep.

The ministry reported a case of a patient who neglected his symptoms by dismissing them as seasonal flu. His delay in isolating himself led to his elderly mother’s infection as well.

Al-Abd Al-Aly urged people with inquiries to check the COVID-19 guidelines website for answers.

According to the ministry, 284 of the newly recorded cases were in Jeddah, there were 158 in Riyadh and 107 in Makkah.

Saudi Arabia has conducted more than 2.78 million tests, and 56,450 of these were carried out in the last 24 hours.

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