How Cummings Rose From Segregated Childhood to Powerful Political Voice

The U.S. Representative Elijah Cummings passed away at Johns Hopkins Hospital due to complications with his severe health issues. On several occasions, Cummings was speaking about the legacy for the next generations but was unsure about the remembering of his own legacy.

“I’m here for a season and a reason. I don’t know why I’m here, I don’t know how long I’ll be here. But I’m here. And I’m going to make the best of it,’’ said Cummings at one occasion.

He was remembered as a fighter for human rights by his colleagues and was one of the main promoters of the idea of impeaching President Donald Trump.

Several of his colleagues shared their word for the death of Cummings. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was one of those people as she said:

“He used to always say, ‘Our children are our living messengers to a future we will never see.’ He wanted to be sure that that future was going to be better for them and that they would bring with them our values.’’

‘’He brought peace where there was no peace,’’ House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said on the House floor.

One of Cummings’ trademark sentences was “We are better than this,’’ as he used it quite often while talking in the House of Representatives.

Matthew Hubbard, a barber in West Baltimore said: “He stoop up, put himself out there so we could get a better life.’’

Cummings was always saying that he wants to set an example for younger members of his committee.

“One day, they’ll be sitting in Pelosi’s shoes, ‘Nelson Mandela said: The greatest person and the strongest person is the one who was able to hold their emotions in when they feel they should strikeout. And I believe in that. If you ever hear me raise my voice, it’s because I believe that somebody is trying to get something over on me,’’ said the Representative.

According to recent reports, Cummings had been absent from Capitol Hill in recent weeks while he was sick. But his death came as a surprise, as it was not known publicly he was in hospice care when medical and other services are provided for people who are terminally ill. 

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